The Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes will educate you about birth in a fun and interactive way.

Over the two days you will learn how awesome physiological birth is and how amazingly well designed a woman’s body is for birth.

We will explore the myths and realities related to birth and present-day practices. We will cover all kinds of birth as interventions may be needed, if so this should not deter from your birth being positive and joyful.

 Fear will be addressed and how fear impacts on physiology, more importantly – what we can do about it!

You will leave the classes with a greater understanding of birth, techniques to use for birth, how to navigate the present birthing environments and how to be an active participant in the care of yourselves and your baby.  Birthing partners will leave the classes feeling positive about their supportive role in birth and the tools they can utilise effectively and appropriately.

The aim is to educate you both to prepare for and to be in a strong and positive mindset for the birth of your baby.

Every couple will receive many wonderful resources to compliment the program and ongoing support as needed….. all included in the course fee.


Price includes: 12 hrs tuition, recordings, folio of resources, e-book & ongoing support. 


$495 per couple

Class Dates


2021 Classes will be face-to-face

Dates & Venue TBC

No classes until further notice